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Calandre Beach - A Discovery!

We received a tip to visit the 'Calandre Beach.' Having done some preparation at home, we were already regularly seeing the most beautiful photos of this spot on Instagram. Setting out with high expectations, we found it a bit challenging to locate, initially driving past it and almost reaching the French border.

Eventually, we turned around and parked at a fairly large parking lot in front of the Fort (Forte dell’Annunziata), the archaeological museum of Ventimiglia. A narrow footpath to the left of the museum quickly led through beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. Even at this time, in late December, much of it was in bloom, and the air smelled delightful. To the left, we had a magnificent view of the city, and below, we could see the port of Ventimiglia. Yachts were centered in the circular harbor, offering protection against the rugged sea. The high waves crashed spectacularly against the steep coast as we walked along the undulating path, leading us to a rusty iron staircase that descended to the first small pebble beach.

Soon after, we arrived at a very charming small beach hut. At this time, we were the only guests, except for a few surfers. The owners of this place were sitting inside around the stove and quickly served us a delicious simple sandwich through the serving hatch.

On the wooden benches on the terrace, we enjoyed this atmospheric spot in the sun, overlooking the wild sea and the undulating coast towards France. It even exceeded our high expectations!

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