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Claude Monet Painted Near Us!

We all know the famous paintings of the 19th-century painter Claude Monet. They are spread across museums worldwide. Monet himself was also quite a traveler. Besides painting extensively in his homeland, France, think of the famous series with water lilies and the Rouen Cathedral, he also spent considerable time in Zaandam and Amsterdam. London, Venice, everything was captured on canvas in his distinctive impressionist style. But who do we find painting in a little boat on the river in Dolceacqua? Exactly. In 1884, Claude Monet spent about three months in the coastal town of Bordighera and created beautiful, recognizable works in our valley. You can hardly resist taking live photos of Monet’s paintings when visiting the most touristic village of the Valle Nervia. In total, during his stay in Liguria, he made 38 paintings. It’s quite delightful when you visit the village and see something floating in the river.

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