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A Simple Sandwich in a Golden Spot

We don't always feel like having an elaborate lunch. Sometimes a simple sandwich is delightful, especially with children at the beach! At the charming little Bar del Sole in Vallecrosia (near Ventimiglia), you can sit comfortably sheltered from the wind and sun, on the "spiaggia libera," the free beach.

Here, there are no sunbeds or lifeguards, just families with umbrellas and coolers. In the summer, that is.. Outside the season, you are usually alone. Parking is usually not a problem even in July, but it gets busier in August. So, order a good Aperol Spritz, lean back, and enjoy the view, the sea, the coastline, and if you're lucky, you'll see Corsica or dolphins swimming by (for the latter, you need a lot of luck, but they're definitely there)!

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